Feeding and Learning Center

We have assessed that many children of families living in far away barrios do not have access to kindergarten or preschool education due to financial difficulties.

There are preschool classes held five times a week every morning from 8am to 11am in preparation for kindergarten, as we follow a structured and dynamic learning atmosphere.
We also provide free healthy food at snack and lunchtime for these undernourished children.

In addition, after every school year, we choose from some of our graduated scholars to provide them with free school supplies for their fomal education. The ones that show outstanding performance are chosen to be fulltime scholars for the continuation of their education.

We empower the parents as they part in our livelihood project. Especially in our Sewing Center, they benefit from skills training.
We also have a parent association where they get training in food processing.
We offer them microcredit to turn their skills, they have been taught into a business.