Rehabilitation and Reformation

For whatever reasons a person becomes victimized by drug menace- due to the influence of an unprivileged environment or other precarious ways of living- the way to recovery is rarely possible without professional help.

But also street children have a lack of positive role models and often develop behavioral problems.

The Damascus Rehabilitation and Reformation Center gives them the opportunity to become a responsible part of our community.

The resident of the Rehabilitation and Reformation Center take care of the beautiful patch of land we occupy. Also, we train them with skills and keep them occupied in our livelihood projects.
They benefit as we teach them how to run a bakery, take care of a piggery, mushroom farming, and learn how to sew and how to work in a water refilling station.
Minor residents are either a part of the in-house Tutorial and Home Study Program to attend the local elementary or high school.

We conduct some kinds of activity or psycho-social counseling. The program has a minimum duration of 6 months. In some case, it can also be longer depending on our assessment. Because follow up care for the resident and his family is an important part of the program.