About Us

Damascus Foundation Inc. is a nonstock, non-profit foundation located in Dona Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan. It was started in 1997 on a patch of land leased by the Local Government of Bulacan.

It is a home for drug dependents, street children and individuals with behavioral problems. We cater mostly to charity cases; youth who have been victimized by the drug menace in our country. These youth have gone in to drug use, most common of which are inhalants (industrial glue, solvents), marijuana and meta amphetamines, A lot of them have been pushed to their drug use due to poverty, peer pressure, lack of parental guidance and support or as an escape from societies woes.

Our holistic approach to rehabilitation aims to give hope and provide opportunities for a normal and functional life. Through their stay with us , they go through our in- house program, providing physical , mental, and spiritual development. Many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters have found a home here. To date we have provided our services to more than 600 residents , many of whom are now living productive lives.

Apart from caring for our residents, we have now embarked on a wider and more empowering mission: to nurture back to health and educate undernourished children in our town and provide livelihood opportunities to their parents by way of the Damascus Learning Center.